Dec 01

Georgia…again. :)

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So we left North Carolina, and headed through South Carolina, and over to Cumming, GA.  Work had requested me and a few others to head into the office for a couple days of meetings, and I needed to prepare some equipment that I would be shipping up to Rochester, NY, so I could train a customer up there.

We stayed at the Twin Lakes RV Park in Cumming, again.  This time, we made reservations, and got a spot that did not put our bedroom right next to the road, and the bottom of the hill, that everyone drove up at 5 am with their diesel trucks.  Had a nice, pleasant, and quiet stay as a result.

Molly came into the office and helped me out with getting some of the equipment prepared for the training.  She had a good time, and my co-workers enjoyed (I believe) the unusual visit in the office.

The President of my company has a few kids, and one of them is active with a horse rescue facility.  We got some information and were able to arrange for Molly to hang out there with his daughter and care for some of the horses.  Molly had a great time, and even got to ride one or two of the animals.

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Next stop… Florida!

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