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Florida…Christmas and New Years

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We have a timeshare condo (yeah, I know) and one of the places we can use our points is in Orlando.  They have two resorts here.  Based on the points we have, we could stay 2 weeks in a smaller unit, or 1 week in a larger one.  Since Megan was going to be with us till New Years Eve, we opted for the smaller one.  While it is small, it’s a bit larger than the RV (although sometimes, it didn’t feel like it). 🙂

So, we relocated the RV to Fort Pierce, and set it up for some maintenance at Diane’s Uncle’s shop.  I’ll post more on that later.  While I was there, my sister Chellie and her family were in the area, with her in-laws in Port St. Lucie.  I was able to stop by and see them for a few minutes, which was a surprise for my niece and nephew.

We also were not going to be able to leave Francie in the RV, nor take her with us to the condo, so we had to put her up in a pet hotel for the two weeks.  She wasn’t too happy when we picked her up, but she survived.

While at the condo, we had a side trip to the Tampa area, and went to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  We’ll have a separate post on that as well.  It was a great time, and Diane’s cousins and her daughters got to join all of us visiting with Winter, the dolphin there, from the movie Dolphin Tale.

Christmas was awesome.  We had a small tree, and had brought all the presents with us (LOT’S of trips in the car).  It was great to be all together, and to have Megan with us.  One of the big surprise presents was that Diane had acquired a new SodaStream machine, and several bottles of flavoring. I was truly surprised, and had (and continue to have) fun making soda with it.

Molly had spent quite a bit of time tracking Santa’s location, and was worried about getting to sleep.  She made use of this eye cover to help her out.



As New Years approached, we said goodbye to Megan, and put her on a plane EARLY on New Years Eve.  She was able to get an early flight so she’d be back in time to participate in some festivities back at home.  It was great to see her.  She’s grown up so much in the past year.

We also had my sister and her family over for New Years Eve.  They had left the in-laws, and were going to head back to Indiana, but first, a visit with us for New Years Eve.  The kids all got to hang out at the pool, we had a family New Years Eve Pizza dinner, and then all rang in the New Year.  The next day, we all had breakfast, and then they made the big trek back up to their home in Indiana.  It was great to see them again.  With the RV, we’ve been able to see them more than just once a year, like it was before.

We continued to stay at the condo till January 4th, then headed over to pick up the RV, and stay there in Fort Pierce for the weekend.

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