Feb 13

Still waiting, but, made a slight change

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We’re still waiting for the credit verification portion to be complete. Not sure why it is taking so long. I’m told it is the credit reporting agencies that are causing the delay. Basically, there’ a guy who looks over the credit report, and makes recommendations that will raise the score. He then has to go to the credit reporting agencies and show them proof that the changes were made, and then they give him something that he takes to the bank/credit union showing the higher score. This will get us a lower interest rate, and whatever.

ANYWAY, due to the delay of all this (it SHOULD be done this week) our sales person had another used 35 foot bunkhouse come in, and he wanted us to look at it. We would be able to switch, if we decided that was what we wanted to do. Well, we have chosen to do just that. We’ll now be getting a 2007 Itasca Sunova 35J. This one is nearly identical to the Winnebago, as the Itasca is a Winnebago Industries brand. There are only a few differences, and they are all improvements. Plus, the Sunova comes with some extra things that we were going to want to add anyway, and, it was a little bit less money. All in all, a good thing was delivered in this time we had to sit around and wait.

Our plan had been to be out this weekend at an RV resort in Mission Bay, San Diego. That didn’t happen, but we had fun visiting the RV’s at the dealer, and had Diane’s parents with us for the trip. A good time was had by all. Even Molly, who insisted that this one chair in the Winnebago was better than the one in the Itasca. Our every helpful and attentive salesperson Roger is going to make sure those chairs mysteriously get swapped so little Miss Molly is satisfied with the switch.

So, we have a storage spot for it, all the paperwork for credit history stuff is turned in, and it has been in for a week. Fingers crossed that we have the RV in our possession this week!

Here’s a picture of the Sunova. Looks nearly identical huh?

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