Mar 22


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It has been a very hectic March for all of us. We finally got everything squared away with the RV, and I was able to pick it up on March 5th. Diane’s Dad helped out by shuttling Molly and I to the dealer for the final paperwork and delivery. This is while Diane and Megan were off in New York visiting Hofstra University, and Victoria was away with friends. It was an easy and fun ride from the dealer in Murrieta to the storage spot in Lake Forest. Pulling in and even backing into the spot was super easy. Molly and I were able to grab some In-N-Out, and had our first RV meal sitting in the storage area. I had to leave on a week long work trip the next day, so the RV got to sit and rest in its new surroundings till I got back.

Over the past week we’ve had some time to get new bits like sewer and water hoses, an air compressor, and the special TP and tank treatment things. We’ve also had our first dead battery experience. This forced me to read the manual and figure out what devices were attached to what batteries, and then how each battery bank was charged. We were able to get the engine jumpstarted from the FJ, and then drove around for a while to get everything back up and in working order again. Diane and Molly were with me for the driving, and everyone is liking the whole thing a lot.

This past weekend was all about getting the back bedroom fixed. The unit came with two twin mattresses, which make for a king bed width, but only 75 inches long. We had purchased a queen memory foam mattress (via a great deal at But, we should have waited and learned a bit more. The extra 5 inches in length on the standard queen is too long, and it impedes the bedroom/bunk slideout as it comes in. So, we’re investigating a custom sized bed to give us the maximum size and best operation, or may just get two new twins. Time will tell.

The box that the be sits has a liftable lid, which houses a storage area, and the fresh water tank and pump. One of the piston type lift mechanisms for the lid was broken (stuck open) and caused some of the wood pieces to become broken as others (and I) tried to force it closed. Also, I discovered the fresh water tank wasn’t strapped down. As of today, I’ve got the wooden bits repaired and back at the RV, and just need to reinstall them in the next couple days. I also need to pick up a really long socket wrench extender so I can get the fresh water tank straps back on. Hopefully finding some sound isolation material can happen this week as well, so I can get the fresh water pump to be a bit quieter.

That’s it for now. Just an update on the progress, and fixing up the site a bit. Trying to add some map/tracking, and got a few ad’s for stuff we use/like setup. Hopefully they get a click or two and generate a little to pay for the site.

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