Sep 14

Ten days in Georgia

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We arrived in Cumming, GA on September 4th in the evening.  Diane had called ahead and reserved a site for us.  Good thing too, as it had a lot more campers there then last year in November/December.  So much so that our site was one with the back end of the RV sitting right next to a road.  Also, as luck would have it, most of the residents were working on a local construction site, and all had nice loud diesel trucks that they drove down that road every morning between 5 and 6.  It was awesome.  Diane is prepped for the normal loud noise (me snoring) and slept right through them.  I was lucky enough to get the early wake up. :/

I spent most of the weekdays working in the office, but did stay at the RV for one of those to work on a setup for me to conduct some training from the road.  Diane and Molly had several excursions planned, including an overnight at the local Marriott where they have a special American Girl doll package.  They had a great time there, and Francie (the cat) only meowed at me for 8 of the hours they were gone.

We also were able to have a dinner with Toby, Monica, and Christopher at Mellow Mushroom Pizza.  Monica’s parents were there as well, and it was a great time with some great food.  It was nice to meet Monica’s parents, and to see the cousin and family again.

On Sunday, the “Jeep and Ammo” club at work had an organized outing.  Molly and I got all the details and joined them at a state run outdoor shooting range.  Most of my coworkers have guns of one form or another, and there were other coworkers there shooting for the first time.  Molly was a bit nervous at first, but worked her way to firing a .22 rifle, and enjoyed it.  She ended up firing about 5 clips worth of ammo as we rotated through all those that wanted to shoot.  Once the range closed, she was looking forward to the next one.


During the last week there, we had the chance to meet up with the Garrison family that we first met back in February in Quartzsite, AZ.  We then spent a few weeks with them (and other families) at Pio Pico, then Wilderness Lakes, and even in Las Vegas.  They’ve been off the road for a few months now, and it was great to catch up with them and see how their doing.  Their two girls and Molly had a good time getting to hang out again and catch up.  We all had a great meal at Papasita’s too!

Diane and Molly headed into Atlanta during the last few days to see the Martin Luther King home and exhibits, as well as some other Atlanta attractions.  Since they are doing pretty well at posting, I’ll let them give the details on their visits.

On Friday, Diane and I got up early, got everything prepped, and headed over to the parking lot at the office.  The girls hung out in the RV till after lunch, and we all headed on up the road to Santa Claus, IN. More on that in the next post.

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