Sep 16

Santa Claus, Indiana

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On the way from Georgia to Clinton, IN, we wanted to check out some of the historical Abraham Lincoln sites in southern Indiana.  After a bit of a search, we found an RV park in Santa Claus Indiana, called Lake Rudolph.  They were open for the weekend, and even had some Halloween events happening.

The park itself is pretty nice.  We’d hoped to be able to rent a golf cart, but got there too late for that.  It was also a fun challenge to disconnect the car on a hill, then back into our site going backwards uphill, and in the dark.  Made it though!

Santa Claus is a town with a bit of a Christmas theme.  Shocking huh?  We headed over to the village to see the Christmas store, and pick up some groceries.  Santa was actually there!  I guess since the town is named after him, he’s got a bit of an obligation to be there.  Well, he honed in on the one kid in the store that hasn’t sat on his lap since her first Christmas.  I was shocked to be able to get this picture…

We had a nice time at the carnival they had at the RV park, and Molly and Diane got in the first trick-or-treating for the year.  I was also able to get ahold of my brother Lewis, and we had him over for dinner Saturday evening.  It was great for him to meet Diane and Molly, and for us to catch up.  He’s a bit of a recluse, so who knows when we’ll see him again.


On Sunday, we packed up, and headed over to the Lincoln Boyhood Home National Monument.  I remember being there when I was a kid, on one of our summer vacation trips to Indiana State Parks. It was a drizzly day, but we had a nice viewing of the movie narrated by Leonard Nemoy, which provided a good overview of the park, and some Lincoln history.  After a quick tour of the main building and its exhibits, we headed out on the trail to see the site of the home, the working farm, and the trail of Lincoln historical markers.  In this shot of Molly, she is next to one of the rocks from Gettysburg where Lincoln stood to deliver his famous speech.

We wrapped up our visit to the boyhood home, and headed north to Clinton, for a stay at Horseshoe Lakes.


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